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    'Monochrome Me Baby' Custom Face Socks

      The one of a kind custom face sock like you've never seen before! A classic black and white monochrome background with your cartoon effigy right at the center for all to see. This is inspired by a new take on our 'Kandinsky Sock' line, with an extra funky twist. This sock is perfect for formal wear as well as casual, the perfect covert sock that you won't see anyone else wearing when you are rocking down the street!

      Will just my face or pet's face be included on the sock or the entire body?All our socks only include the cartoon face portrait on your socks (except 'Pop Art My Pet' animal socks). We do all faces including cats, dogs, and birds as well as humans. 
      What makes a good photo? A close up photo - in well lit area - and image is NOT blurry. Don't worry though, we will contact you if image submitted does not work.
      Will the ink fade after washing my socks? These are quality fabric products made in Georgia, USA. We use 'sublimation' technic to print our custom designs. Take good care of them and they'll take good care of you. 

      60% Polyester / 10% Acrylic / 25% Nylon / 5% Spandex / Ribbed tube / Cushioned bottoms